About the session:

In 2021, Access Now, JAAKLAC initiative, Wikimedians of the Caribbean, and AfroCROWD impulsed two Wiki Edit-a-thons to fill gaps about the current critical situation of digital human rights in the Caribbean. This action was of particular relevance to raise awareness while building a thematic network of diverse actors in a region increasingly affected by violations of human rights in the digital ecosystem.

For the first steps of this project, a revision of literature and practices were systematized covering topics such as Digital ID, digital divides, internet shutdowns, and online gender-based violence. In its current state, Wikipedia – with regard to these themes – would be populated with the surveyed information. The project is now in the process of continuing and expanding outreach with the purpose of driving increased individual/organization e to contribute to the edits. This would be framed within an educational campaign for which human rights, academic, educational, and civil society organizations would be convened.


  • Soledad Magnone (JAAKLAC Iniciativa)
  • Ángela Alarcón (Access Now)
  • Marianne Díaz Hernández (Access Now)
  • David Aragort (RedesAyuda)
  • Ian Ramjohn (Wikimedians of the Caribbean)
  • Brandon Sullivan (Wikimedians of the Caribbean)
  • Stacey-Ann Wilson (University of the West Indies, Mona)
  • Yacine Khelladi
  • Sherry Antoine