Eight democracy activists from Ukraine, Venezuela and Georgia presented their web tools to organize democracy movements, expose corruption, bring transparency to elections and help investigative journalism.

In a t-shirt with the text “Be brave - like Ukraine” Tamara Tachynska, from Ukraine, stood on stage at the Copenhagen Democracy Summit presenting her tool to organize democracy movements, Qela App.

Qela App

Tamara Tachynska is an Alliance of Democracies Tech Fellow. The fellowship is a six-month program that helps democracy tech entrepreneurs from emerging democracies with the know-how of starting and scaling successful, and democratically driven ventures.

Qela is a tool to organize democratic organizations. They use interesting instruments like weighted voting based on your activity, and gamification to make it fun and competitive.


Take a photo of a politician and get information about the politician’s activities, biography, electoral program, and tax statement.


They help media researchers and analysts to detect disinformation in real-time. Like detecting suspicious relationships between specific people, political parties, or companies in order to protect against fake news or against pro-Russian activities.


An app allowing organizations, that fight for democracy, to arm their followers with the right data & information. Spreading micro-truths within trusted followers to be then circulated within their network of people.


They use data visualization and data analysis primarily on social issues from social media websites.


A fundraising and crowdfunding platform for political campaigns in Latin America. Access your neighborhood, county, or country’s voting rolls and reach them all via SMS, email, and social media.


A decentralized database in which citizens can send potential fake news, disinformation or misinformation to be verified, published or disproved by different fact-checking organizations during events of public interest such as elections or demonstrations.

Market Research Tool

An instrument that compares the price per item for goods and helps governmental entities and municipalities to perform better procurement by identifying suppliers with the lowest prices on the procurement market in Ukraine & Moldova.

Read more about all the fellows and their companies here.

Building an Alliance of Democracies

The organizer of the Copenhagen Democracy Summit is the Alliance of Democracies Foundation. The founder and chairman is the former Danish Prime Minister, and former NATO Secretary-General, Anders Fogh Rasmussen.

I’ve attended the Summit since the start, but then in my former role as a Member of Parliament. I have written a proposal in the Swedish Parliament about forming an Alliance of Democracies.

Personally, I think this was the best Summit so far. The first years were more on a theoretical level, which was interesting, but now it shows there is a lot more activity around the Foundation. Like these brilliant democracy tech activists.